If you’re on the hunt for some corporate wear you’re certainly looking at different suppliers. And, if you’ve already done a fair amount of research, you’ll notice that not all corporate uniform suppliers offer the same standards of service. So, to help you save time looking, here are some things that you should demand of your corporate workwear company.

What Corporate Uniform Suppliers Absolutely Have to Offer

1. Corporate Wear Online

Let’s face it, the world has moved on from paper catalogue orders. The act of flipping through a large book looking for the things you need is tedious enough, and that’s before you tackle the order form.

It is far quicker and easier to order corporate wear online. This way, you can search the online catalogue for the exact items you need by inputting keywords, and you can order and pay for the items on the spot.

2. High Quality Corporate Wear

While convenience in the order process is important, opting for the best quality items is equally vital. So, you need to find a company that puts as much care into the manufacturing of their products as they do the ordering process.

Be sure that you are getting high quality fabrics which have been sewn together well. After all, flaws in your corporate clothing could reflect badly on your business.

3. Customisable Corporate Workwear

When we say customisable workwear we’re not just talking about simple branding. After all, branding items is a basic requirement of a corporate clothing supplier. Instead, we are talking about the level of branding options. Does the company allow you to truly customise the branding of your corporate clothing?

Look for companies that offer an array of branding options ranging from debossing through embroidery to different printing methods.

4. Corporate Souvenirs

If you brand your own clothing, you’ll likely want to brand gifts and corporate souvenirs in the future. And, to ensure consistency across all of your branded products, your best option is to use the same supplier as you did for your workwear. So, before your first order, be sure that your intended supplier offers corporate gifts, promotional gifts, and souvenirs as well.

Choose Ambella for Your Corporate Workwear

You could scour the internet looking for suppliers that tick all of these boxes, or you could stop your search right now because you’ve already found one!

We pride ourselves in our easy ordering process, our high-quality items, our many branding options, and our extensive catalogue. So, to make the process simple and painless, contact Ambella today!

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