Corporate gifts can do wonders for your company. They show your clients and customers that you really care about them, and prove to your employees that you value them as members of your team.

Because of these benefits, it is tempting to want to give these gifts at every opportunity. But, it’s important to choose your moments. While they’re always given with the best intentions, gifts do have the potential to make a relationship awkward. With this in mind, here are a few tips on when it is appropriate to give corporate presents.

Best Etiquette When Giving Corporate Gifts

1. Choose the Occasion

It is important to time the gift well; otherwise it can seem as if you have an ulterior motive. If, for instance, you give a gift while bidding on a particular deal, it might be seen to be a bribe.

Because of this, it is best to give gifts around festive periods and special occasions. However, if you choose to give gifts over religious holidays, be sure to find out if the recipient acknowledges those holidays.

Birthdays are an excellent opportunity to give gifts as the gesture shows that you care enough about your clients to discover and remember their birthdays.

2. Pick the Appropriate Gift

It is important to base the gift on the type of relationship that you have with its recipient. If you have a client that is strictly professional, don’t try to get too personal with the gift as this can send the wrong message. If, however, you have a close relationship with a client in which you often discuss personal topics, then giving a gift based on that client’s likes and interests is a great idea.

3. Make it Personal

Even if you are giving a gift to a more professional client, show that it is a genuine gesture. Wrap the gift nicely and possibly include a hand-written note to show that the gift comes from you, personally.

Corporate Gift Ideas

If you feel that it is appropriate to give gifts that are in line with the recipient’s own tastes, try to find out what he or she most enjoys. Then, visit our website and browse our catalogue. We have countless corporate gift ideas that are sure to be perfect for your clients or staff.

Choose the Best Corporate Gift Suppliers

One thing to keep in mind is that corporate gifts should always be tasteful. Cheap-looking gifts can make your company look like it doesn’t want to spend much on gifting, which makes the gesture seem insincere.

So, to be sure that your gifts have the desired impact, take the above tips into account and be sure to choose the best corporate gift suppliers.

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