Now that we’re over the half-way mark of 2017, we have a good picture of what is popular this year in terms of corporate clothing trends. So, if you have decided that it is time to kit your staff out in a uniform, let this act as guide of sorts to help you decide on which direction to go.


If you run a corporate business, traditional smart and smart-casual clothing items are still very popular, and you can’t do better than a tasteful logo on a smart, collared shirt. But, many companies are currently taking their corporate wear to unexpected places. Here are a few examples of what is trending right now:


2017’s Trends in Corporate Clothing


  1. Lifestyle Items

As we mentioned, many companies are still very satisfied with traditional branded workwear. And, while this is ideal for the workplace, many employees like to change as soon as they get home. So, if they decide to make an evening run to the supermarket, your company misses out on some brand exposure.


To prevent such missed opportunities, many companies are now choosing to supplement the more formal workwear with some more casual items. These could be t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. They are more comfortable and so your employees are more likely to wear them outside of office hours and on weekends.


  1. Scaled Down Logos

In an effort to have their employees wear their branded clothing more often, many companies are also choosing to scale down their logos. The thinking behind this is that big company logos can make employees feel like mobile advertising space, making them less inclined to wear corporate clothing in their own time.


But, by scaling down the logo, your corporate wear becomes more like the clothing that your employees would normally wear outside the office. Members of the public might not be able to spot your company logo from hundreds of metres away, but you can be sure that it’ll get more exposure than it would sitting unworn at the bottom of a clothes drawer.


  1. Brand-Inspired Designs

Another way of improving the chances of your corporate wear being worn outside of the office is to design it to resemble the clothing of a fashion brand. In 2017 we are seeing more companies designing their more casual branded clothing based on inspiration from popular sports and lifestyle brands. Large, fashionable designs are replacing huge logos.


With our numerous printing options, it is possible to achieve high quality prints in whatever design style you choose, making your employees far more eager to wear their corporate clothing all the time.


For more information on design and printing options, or to order a new run of corporate wear, be sure to contact us today!

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