Spring might not be here yet, but it’s not far off. And, if you are thinking about using spring as an excuse for sending out a few corporate and promotional gifts, then you’ll want to get the jump on it before those fresh buds start blooming.


But, what do you send out for spring? Fortunately, spring is a beautiful time in South Africa so a lot of people take to the outdoors and soak up the sun as it gets warmer and warmer. This gives you a great opportunity for outdoor-themed corporate and promotional gifts. Gifts that will be useful on the beach, during a peaceful picnic, or around the braai are a great place to start. And, if you need a bit of inspiration on this front, we have some ideas for you.


Corporate and Promotional Gifts to Give this Spring


  1. For the Beach

The beach is fantastic, but the sun can be a bit intense, even in spring. So, if you are giving gifts to beachgoers, you could give this Cloudburst umbrella. It’ll cast some soothing shade on the sand, and be equally useful during those sudden showers that spring is so famous for.


The Aloha beach chair is another great gift for the beach, giving beachgoers a comfortable seat on the sand. And, to complete the look, how about a pair of Elevate Spire sunglasses.


  1. For a Picnic

A picnic in a picturesque park is a fantastic way to spend a spring day, so you can’t go wrong with picnic-related gifts. The Bastille picnic bag is excellent because it works as a backpack, making it easy to carry. But, if you prefer traditional picnic bags, the Hampton basket cooler is ideal. Or, how about the Capri chair and cooler? This is a cooler that doubles as a comfortable chair. And, on the refreshments side, the Paul Bocuse wine cooler is an excellent addition.


  1. For the Braai

Countless South Africans are happy around the braai, so braai gifts are sure to be popular. The Braaimaster digital BBQ fork is a handy gift, giving its user the user the ability to cook meat to perfection, and the Yukon barbecue cooler combines a cooler bag with a braai set for ultimate convenience.


  1. For a Shopping Trip

Shopping fans like to buy their own presents, so to speak, but there’s nothing stopping you giving them something to put their presents in. The Tres-Chic tote is a classy shopping bag, ideal for some spring shopping, while the Carnival shopper is excellent for holding big bundles of items found in all the post-winter sales.


These are just some of the amazing spring-themed gifts that you can find on our site. For many more gifting ideas, be sure to visit Ambella today!

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