With branded t shirts and branded golf shirts being among the most popular choices for brands enquiring about branded clothing, the question is always as follows: Which shirt style is the best.

There are several shirt styles available with each bringing its own sense of occasion and presence. Depending on what you or your company’s marketing effort hopes to achieve with any campaign, it’s best to know what each shirt speaks about your brand.

Let’s look at each shirt and its accompanying style.

T shirt

Branded t shirts, as stated before, are among the most popular choices of branded wear because they suit most occasions. Whether your campaign involves a sporting day, music event or standard promotional events at any buzzing area, branded t shirts always look in place.

Call your local t shirt printing company or search for the best t shirt printing Gauteng based company quickly as these shirts are always on high demand.

Gof shirt

Golf shirts are also popular as they mix both comfort with corporate. Having your brand showcased on a branded golf shirt will speak volumes of your brand’s corporate desires and elevated stature.

Formal shirt

Formal, or button-up branded wear should only be considered when you want your brand to be viewed as a serious and corporate icon. Having your brand represented in a formal setup will look out of place in a casual setting.

Sleeveless shirt

Sleeveless shirts are extremely occasional, with Summer and swimming location at the top of its priority. Having branded casual wear can entice a younger audience, but be careful that it doesn’t impact your brand in a negative manner by showcasing an identity of being too casual.

There are other types of branded wear that might compliment your brand or marketing effort in other ways. Branded beanies and scarfs for winter or branded sunglasses and bandannas during summer can add much needed zest into your brand.

Whichever one you opt for, make sure that you contact a branding company today, like the t shirt printing company mentioned earlier, and get a quote asap.

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